Case Studies

Dolce VyTA

Digital Marketing Case Study


To launch a little sister brand of an existing client, VyTA Covent Garden. Dolce VyTA by Matteo Manzotti had no prior brand presence on social media and D&P needed to drive immediate buzz and footfall to the site via the existing VyTA Covent Garden Instagram.


A combination of creating quality content with a fresh, young and trend-led approach (photography, videography and graphics), working with strategic local partners to reach nearby audiences such as Covent Garden, and working with London-based F&B and lifestyle influencers.


Instagram follower count increased by over 12,000 in the initial 2 months (+75,000% growth); Weekly Instagram impressions increased by over 80,000 in the initial 2 months (172,795% growth); Averaging over 2,500 organics link clicks from Instagram per week; Multiple influencer posts with 5 million views +