Case Studies

Mortimer House

Digital Marketing Case Study


To host a Christmas influencer dinner for Mortimer House in collaboration with at least 2 brands from different sectors, in aim to reach new audiences and extend the Mortimer House brand further.


We partnered with Rotaro, a sustainable fashion brand who provided rented luxury clothing to all attendees, as well as luxury beauty brand, Code Eight Beauty, who provided makeup kits as well as a gifted bespoke lipstick making experience. We invited 15 lifestyle and beauty influencers to experience a bespoke christmas dinner at Mortimer House in collaboration with the above brands.


32 stories were created by the influencers during the evening, all without a content agreement just through natural and organic sharing. During the night a professional videographer attended to capture the evening, creating REEL content which received 9.7k views, the highest across the Mortimer House and Mortimer House Kitchen accounts to date. Content continued to be shared for up to 2 weeks after the event both from the brands involved and the attendees, as well as further reach due to the participation of multiple lifestyle brands who provided gifted products for the goody bags.